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Marc Landert
General Manager

“We have been working with MMC for over 10 years, and it is without hesitation that we will continue to do so for another 10 years. The availability, responsiveness and expertise they offer are greatly appreciated for a sector like ours where a franc is a franc.”

Grand Hôtel
du Lac

Luc Califano
General Manager

“We have developed a very close relationship with MM&C and in this way can take advantage of the advice of a team that fully understands the requirements of the hotel world and who is perfectly aware of the latest market trends.”

The Chedi

Jean-Yves Blatt
General Manager

“Being composed of a professional team knowing the needs in the hospitality sector. MM&C makes every effort to offer us tailor-made purchasing solutions at the best price.”

Grand Hôtel
Suisse Majestic

Cyril Marcou
General Manager

“We have been Partners with MMC for many years, we currently use their Central Purchasing services with a team of professionals who are always available. The range of their skills for the hotel and catering industry is very wide, and the entire team will always be able to offer you a tailor-made and adequate solution, and thus provide you with the support you are looking for.”

du Raisin

Jean-Jacques Gauer
Hotelier – Restorer

“A long-term partnership, unfailing loyalty, and above all a Unique Service! Simply the Best! A solution to everything, an answer to your expectations and supervision as you require. But not only the best… in addition to their Sympathy and their Efficiency! I love this whole team!”


Petit Crémier

Eric Christen

“We have built a partnership with MM&C based on exchange and trust and where we can access direct contact with their clients. We move forward and solve problems together.”

Ecotel Suisse

Jean-Luc Saxod

“As a partner, MM&C is very precise in its purchases while, at the same time, dealing with suppliers as well as customers. This kind of collaboration is an exciting challenge where the working relationship is frank and human.”

Bardusch SA

Claudine Metzler

“MM&C always seeks to find the best value for money and the most optimal solutions for its customers. Working with them allows us to constantly challenge ourselves and go beyond our limits. It is an exciting challenge!”