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Mission & values

Our experience & skills at your service for your success

For over 15 years, MM&C has given support to prestigious hotels and restaurants in the grouping of purchasing, accounting and personnel management. Our goal is to bring you creative solutions and real results.

Founded in 2003, MM&C relies on a team of executives and staff members who have worked exclusively in the hotel business, with over 25 years of experience in their respective fields.

Always striving for excellence MM&C, today, has unparalleled references in Switzerland and has built its reputation on the four pillars that are at the centre of its philosophy:

  A dynamic and reactive spirit
  Long and practical experience
  Know-how dedicated to the upscale hotel and restaurant industry
  A vast network of partners

MM&C can, therefore, contribute unique expertise in the centralization of your purchases, the optimization of your costs, the subcontracting of your accounts as well as the administrative management of your personnel. Thanks to our collaboration, you can invest all your energy in your core business while at the same time optimizing the operation of your company and increasing its profitability.

Years of experience

MM&C Certified Swiss Label

MM&C SA is recognized in the world of hospitality and luxury catering for its know-how and, on 1 February 2019, joined the Swiss Label Association.

Swiss Label has been promoting Swiss excellence and supporting the marketing of Swiss quality products and services since 1917. Its aim is to strengthen Switzerland’s image abroad and make the companies aware of their core values. To do so, it has established a prestigious seal of quality, a true standard in the industry, as well as striving to intensify cooperation between its members.

MM&C SA, as a purchasing group dedicated to luxury hotels in Switzerland, has found in the principles of Swiss Label its own values ​​and therefore joined the Swiss Label Association in order to highlight its know-how and its commitment to the local economy.

Our services

Grouping of purchases

  • Take advantage of the MM&C network and the in-depth experience of its buyers to reduce your costs and maintain your quality

Human Resources

  • MM&C puts forward innovative solutions to maximise your potential


  • Ensure the services of accounting experts

Press articles



A supplement of 16 pages in edition no. 3593, dated 22 March – 5 April 2018 | page 07

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