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Grouping of purchases

Offer more, spend less!

You can take advantage of the MM&C network and the exclusive experience of its accomplished and professional buyers to reduce your costs and maintain your quality.

As a central purchasing specialist, MM&C optimizes and simplifies your procedures to offer you a better performance on your returns. Aware of the requirements of the hotel industry, we make it a point of honour to reduce your costs without lessening the quality. Optimizing your purchases is not just about finding the cheapest product, but also about buying the best value for money.

MM&C will prepare a preliminary audit to assess the level of potential savings through its framework conditions and commercial partnerships. Our company will then ensure the formation of the teams, the implementation of the purchasing procedures and the issue of an annual Activity Report.

Putting your trust in MM&C is:

 A guarantee of savings without an impact or a decrease in quality
 Saving time on all the necessary steps to be taken
 Ongoing assistance by a team of experienced buyers
 Total transparency on our supplier framework contracts
 Benefiting from the conditions and high performance exclusive to our group
 Total confidentiality on the treatment of your data

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Accounting &
Human Resources

Your time is a precious resource

An expert in administrative requirements, MM&C brings you innovative solutions to maximise your potential.

For over 15 years MM&C has specialized in accounting, fiduciary services and human resources management. Whatever your needs, we will handle each task internally, ensuring that our contribution is accurate, rigorous, transparent and completely confidential.

MM&C also places great importance on the quality and personalization of its service. Each of the accounting and human resource management solutions we provide, are evolutive and tailored to your needs. We guarantee functional Management Reports that are adapted to your structure.

Through our intervention, we aim to give you more time to focus on your growth and your teams.

Putting your trust in MM&C is:

 Taking advantage of rigorous, methodical and organized actions
Optimizing your time
Ensuring the services of accounting and human resources experts
Relying on concrete and meaningful analysis tools

Years of experience