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Procurement company

Offer more, spend less!

Take advantage of the MM&C network and the unique experience of its experienced buyers to reduce your costs and maintain your level of quality.

Specialist in centralized purchasing, MM&C optimizes and simplifies your process so as to improve and maintain a high level of performance. Aware of the requirements of the hotel industry, we make it a point of honour to reduce your costs without reducing quality. Optimizing your purchases is not just about finding the cheapest product, but about buying at the best value for money.  

During its intervention, MM&C conducts a preliminary audit in order to assess the level of potential savings thanks to its framework conditions and commercial partnerships. Our company then ensures the training of the teams, the implementation of the purchasing procedures and issues an Annual Activity Report.  

To meet the specific needs of each client, MM&C has developed two offers of cooperation:

Advice and provision of high-performance tools to allow the customer to manage their purchases with maximum autonomy. 

Referencing and purchasing management
A detailed analysis of purchases and the related processes.

Personalized monitoring and implementation of efficient solutions to optimize the “Purchasing” function and generate added value.

Managing your OS&E projects

The success of a hotel project depends on careful advance planning and financial management from the initial stages, including careful selection of products and building key partnerships to improve the offering and customer experience. Standard operating procedures are established for management, aligned with the hotel’s objectives.

Placing trust in MM&C results in:

Guaranteed savings without impact or reduction in quality
Saving time in your procedures
• Ongoing assistance by a team of experienced buyers
• Full transparency in our supplier framework contracts
• Conditions exclusive to our group
• Total confidentiality in the processing of your data

million purchases / year
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