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Administrative management of human resources

Your time is a precious resource

MM&C offers its customers high performance, tailor made know-how from just one single service provider.

For over 16 years, MM&C has been your partner and fiduciary, specializing in the administration of human resources in the fields of hotels, restaurants and para-hotels. Whatever your needs, we handle each task internally, ensuring that our contribution is accurate, rigorous, transparent and completely confidential.  

Placing your trust in MM&C is a strategic action as it allows you to:

Focus on your profession
Relieve yourself of various administrataive, legal and routine tasks which need to be carried out by established deadlines
Ensure that you comply with legal obligations and collective agreements
Focus on managing people
Offer professsional solutions

Our services:

Preparing all regulatory documents related to personnel management
Establishing payslips and salary payments
Managing corporate time, taking care of accident and sickness notifications as well as any other kind of absence that needs reporting
Payroll accounting
Accounts for social insurances
Coaching and support for administrative staff
Assistance with financial decision making
Support during AVS (pension) / Source Tax / TAAC checks
Legal assistance in labour relations / disputes

salaries paid
AVS (pension) checks